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Normal Skin Kit


Skin Script RX addresses skin that is normal, but maybe with a little t-zone oiliness (the forehead, nose & chin).

Products Included:

Green Tea Citrus Antioxidant Cleanser (6.5 oz.) - This green tea cleanser removes excess oils as the green tea antioxidants bring skin to life giving it a radiant glow. Lemon deep cleans while yucca soothes the skin.

Cucumber Toner (3.3 oz.) - This toner contains heavy water, hyaluronic acid, and cucumber. It stays on the skin to hydrate on a daily basis. It removes excess oil, dirt and makeup remaining after cleansing. (Voted #1 Face Mist of 2013 by Les Nouvelles Esthetique & Spa)

Acai Berry Antioxidant Moisturizer with Aloe and Jojoba (1.7 oz.) - This moisturizer provides incredible hydration leaving the skin feeling very soft . Antioxidants protect from environmental damage while relieving the surface signs of aging. Co-Q10 stimulates collagen to minimize fine lines.

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